Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Walking the dog...and me.

DT keeps pointing out that Glory is getting fat.

Since her c-section and spay last year, she is packing on the pounds.

If DT would stop giving her pizza and chips then that would help.

In fact, if DT would stop eating pizza and chips he would lose the weight the doctor told him to. LOL

DT and I were also talking about how terrible we both feel physically, fatigued, unmotivated, lack of energy.

We have come to the conclusion that we are not getting enough exercise.

Part of DT's problem is that he has been working night shift for well over a year, with his insomnia it's hard for him to sleep during the day. Yesterday, he went on day shift, so now his body has to readjust to sleeping at night.

On night shift, it was really hard for him to even eat right, he would often grab something to eat out of the vending machines at work. Stuff that really is high in fat and cholesterol.

So between not sleeping and eating right and no exercise no wonder he feels terrible, has high cholesterol, is pre-diabetic and his thyroid is way out of whack.

So what's my problem?

I noticed when I am moving and doing I feel a whole lot better than when I am inactive.

DT has decided that he will start going to the gym after work with some of the guys to get on the treadmill.

I have decided since the dog is fat to start walking her in the mornings after I take Boo to school.

So this morning, even though it's crisp and cold out, I donned my coat and gloves, grabbed the leash and off we went for a twenty minute jaunt.

The dog must be really out of shape, when we got home, she plopped on her pillow due to her extreme workout. LOL Poor thing is exhausted.

Years ago, I used to walk everyday, eight to ten miles a day. Of course that was before I had to enter the working world, when my kids were young and still in school, and I had loads of free time.

I also did a lot of strength training at the time, and I remember feeling so good. I had energy, I was motivated, and I could handle things even mentally so much better.

So I am determined that I am going to start getting myself into a healthier lifestyle.

I am older now, and things hurt more, but when you are active and your muscles are strong, it helps the bones.

I am tired of feeling awful all the time, and I need to be pro active to get myself to feeling better.

I am also going to make a doctor appointment to get a full check up, to make sure there is nothing wrong.

I have also decided to cut out junk food, which is soooooo hard, especially since I work in a bakery.

Work is another thing. There is a lot of stress there lately, for one thing, I hate the scheduling. Every time they schedule me two days off in a row, the department manager changes the schedule and I end up working one of those days. Sunday is another problem, even though I talked to the manager a step above, they are still scheduling me at 11:00 on Sundays even though my availability says 1:00, and I really hate working Sundays, and they have been scheduling me EVERY Sunday.

There is also a mini war going on in our department between co workers, which I am trying my best to stay out of but they keep trying to pull me in. I prefer to be neutral. And it's such petty stuff, and is aggravating. Mostly two women are trying so hard to figure out how NOT to help one other woman that work isn't getting done and since I am the closer, I end up doing it. I don't mind working or doing tasks that fall on me, but it does get to be overwhelming. I tried to talk to another manager about it, but of course nothing was done and things are getting worse.

I am trying to see if God is leading me in another direction. I am praying about it, and I can see myself moving on to another job.

The most important thing on my job requirements is Sundays, then the second thing is a day job, now that Boo is done with internship.

This scheduling prevents me from serving in the church since most activities and committees are in the evenings and on Sundays.

I also feel like I have a lot of skills developed over the years that aren't being utilized. I am bored in my job and I feel like I am stagnating, there is no challenge.

I want to go in a different direction, but I don't know what direction.

I need to be patient, surely God will lead me and open doors where there were none.

And looking at the time, I really need to be off, since this is one of those days when I was supposed to be off but have to go in to work.